COMUNNITY council members have been left "extremely disappointed" after a West Dunbartonshire Council error meant a decision on whether to allow a procession through Clydebank had to be postponed.

John Hainey, chairman of Linnvale and Drumry Community Council, attended a licensing meeting held today in the council's Garshake office to object an application for a marching band to join a Blitz anniversary parade next month.

However, when the item was called around an hour into the meeting it was discovered the applicants had not been invited to the meeting. 

Mr Hainey was informed council officers had not notified the applicant from Protestant Martyrs Loyal Orange Lodge 2000 the event was taking place – and council staff had only just become aware of the glitch moments earlier.

Speaking to the Post before the meeting, John said the community council would "absolutely accept" whatever decision the council made and was grateful to be given the opportunity to share his views, but more than an hour later the chairman was left puzzled as to how such a mistake could occur.

Mr Hainey said: "That was a disaster. Firstly, we've not had any decision made. Secondly, it means they're only going to have less than three weeks, just over two weeks to get organised or disorganised.

"I don't understand what was actually happening. They appeared to be blaming a council official for not informing them that this was going to take place.

"We sat through the hole meeting literally, there was only one more item to come."

He added: "It's just left a bad taste in my mouth."

Committee chair Councillor Lawrence O'Neill offered to provide John and his partner transport back to Clydebank if they required it and apologised, however, explained the officers had only become aware of the issue five minutes prior, with one stating the building's WiFi had "just gone back up".

The application has been postponed to a special meeting due to be held on March 1 prompting Mr Hainey's concern: "What would've happened if that meeting wasn't going ahead?"

He added: "If we were to put the hat on of the organisers of this we would be asking 'hold on a minute, we've done everything we're supposed to do and you're not going to vote until after our due date?

"Surely their systems should inform people when to attend, so if you put in an application for an extension on your house you're told when the next meeting is?"

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council said: “Due to a simple administrative error, the organiser of the procession was not invited to attend the meeting, and we would like to apologise to the applicant and the Community Council representatives for this.

"The matter will be considered at the next meeting of the Licensing Committee on 1 in advance of the proposed date for the procession of 18 March.”