CLYDEBANK water charges are expected to remain among the lowest in Britain despite an increase, Scottish Water has said.

The firm confirmed an increase in household charges is again being limited to 1.6 per cent across all council tax bands – around £6 a year for the average household.

It means the average Scottish Water household charge in 2017/18 will be £357 – less than £1 a day. While charges for 2017/18 in England and Wales have yet to be announced, the current average household charge is £389.

The increase will range from £4.44 for band A homes to £13.32 for band H homes.

Douglas Millican, chief executive, said: “Scottish Water customers continue to enjoy the benefits of one of the UK’s best value water and waste water services.

“By 2021, we expect to deliver further improvements to drinking water quality and environmental performance while at the same time ensuring that overall household charges have fallen further in real terms.”