Around half of people in Scotland throw away or forget an unsuitable gift that could help vulnerable children and young people, according to a new survey by Barnardo’s.

And now the charity is calling on residents in Clydebank to donate their unwanted presents.

The poll has revealed 11 per cent of people have confessed to binning gifts that aren’t our cup of tea and more than a third of those questioned (37 per cent) put unsuitable presents in a cupboard and forgot about them.

While six per cent sold a gift online, thankfully more than a third (37 per cent) gave them to a charity shop, reveals a poll by the UK’s leading children’s charity.

The online research conducted by YouGov also found that for the second year running, the selfie stick and musical socks are considered two of the least sought after Christmas presents by nearly half of people, underwear comes in second place, a Christmas jumper closely followed by an autobiography book.

Barnardo’s Scotland is appealing to people to donate unsuitable gifts to their shops, as money raised from their sale, will help to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children, young people and families in Scotland.

Martin Crewe, Barnardo’s Scotland’s director, said: “We all receive the occasional present that may not be our cup of tea. Rather than throw them away, or stick them in a cupboard you can support some of Scotland’s disadvantaged children.

“Please take any unsuitable gifts to our local stores and enjoy a warm feeling knowing your kind act is helping a child that needs your help.”

Barnardo’s Scotland would be delighted to receive donations in their Clydebank store.

The research also unveiled who we considered to be the worst at buying Christmas gifts with mums in first place (six per cent), boyfriends and uncles both joint second (five per cent) and in-laws third place (four per cent).