A CRACK team of renowned Clydebank engineers have what it Techs to fix one of the world's biggest turbines. Panicking power station bosses at Kent's Medway Power Station were in a spin when their 36-tonne Frame Nine Gas Turbine broke down.

So they turned to a workshop 500 miles away in Dalmuir - staffed by a team of former John Brown Engineering staff - to fix the huge exhaust frame.

The Bankie engineers, now working for engineering firm Clydeview, were drafted in to rebuild and reassemble the massive turbine so power bosses can keep the lights on down south.

They masterminded the transport of the metal monster all the way up to Clydeside so they could get to work on the beast.

Robbie Robertson, Clydeview general manager and fabrication engineer, is delighted he and his colleagues are able to apply their skills of their hometown and pass their knowledge onto the next generation.

Robbie, 54, from Faifley, told the Post: "My dad worked on both ships and gas turbines and my boy was trained in Clydeview and has now moved on to the gas turbines full time with General Electric.

"We have been refurbishing and replicating the inner skin - it was damaged when a rotor blew up.

"If you imagine your car then that frame we are working on is like the tail end of your exhaust pipe. We have been refurbishing and replicating the inner skin."

The specialists spent two weeks restoring the giant piece of precision-finished metal which spans 14ft across and had to be split into two sections for its journey north.